At En-Dee Zone, we aim to open a serviced office with the following facilities: Cafe, Nails – spa, Studio, a large outdoor garden. There are even a clean swimming pool and a great Koi aquarium. They will be for your own enjoyment when you become a member of En-Dee Zone. When working at En-Dee Zone, You will have chance to meet different people every day and even from different industry. We also equip for the working space the modern facilities with a view to provide the best working time when you choose En-Dee Zone.

Especially, En-Dee Zone possesses a completely separate green space with no smoke, no noise, which stimulates your creativity and nourishes your inspiration, making your working day more enjoyable.

Besides, when choosing to work in En-Dee Zone Co-working Area, you will receive many benefit:

  • The high-tech meeting room
  • Lounge area with free drinking water, tea and coffee
  • Free secured parking area 24/24
  • Special discount for other all other services.

Office full service at En-Dee Zone

Separate Smoking area

Co-working at second floor

En-Dee Zone brings a variety of benefits for “En-Dee’s citizen”, just come and experience your dream serviced office at En-Dee Zone!